“Prothonotary” has Greek and Latin roots, meaning “first scribe” or “chief” and dates back to the Byzantine Empire.* The Prothonotary is the elected civil clerk of the Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas and is responsible for recording all civil procedures before the court. The Prothonotary signs and seals all writs and processes numerous other documents of the Court. The Prothonotary’s Office is responsible for the recording and filing of legal papers in matters of personal injury, domestic abuse, divorce, and child custody.

As a practicing attorney and former assistant district attorney in Montgomery County, I am intimately familiar with the Prothonotary’s Office and its operation as well as the County courthouse generally. On a day-to-day basis I work with County judges, attorneys, and County officials. I will use this extensive experience to ensure that the Prothonotary’s Office is run in the most efficient and effective way.

You can also expect:

  • Competent stewardship. As Montgomery County Prothonotary, I will emphasize increased efficiency in the office. My every action and decision will be made with an emphasis on being a good steward of the public’s finances.

  • Improving efficiency. I will work with other County offices to streamline inter-office processes, and I will hold seminars with attorneys throughout the County to discuss ideas for more efficient practices that would save the County money.

  • Proactive advocacy. As a leader in the third most populous County in Pennsylvania, I will speak to issues that are important to County residents. The Prothonotary files protection from abuse orders, and I would speak out against sexual assault and violence towards women, with an emphasis on how to help sexual assault survivors who might be seeking help.

  • A voice for equality. The Prothonotary issues passports, and I will speak out on immigration matters and the importance of a more inclusive and caring dialogue. As a County elected official I will welcome the chance to converse with County residents on issues of racial and income inequality

*”Prothonotary” definition from Wikipedia, retrieved November 15, 2018.

As an activist and Democrat, I’m happy to endorse Noah’s campaign, I believe his approach to leadership, inclusion and community building is just what we need in government. Noah understands the value of unity, knows how to develop consensus and is open to new ideas.
— Ellen Stevenson, Springfield, PA